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Hi all from the Bowe side

Hi Matt wanted me to try out posting to the site so thought I had better give it a try. We will be having our annual branding on April 2. We had hoped Nic, Kacy, and Nicole could make it out but looks like it will omly be Nicole who can come. Kacy has Spring Break starting that weekend and they already had a trip planned to Florida. Nicole has Spring Break March 14-18 then mine is March 21-25 and Kacy’s April 4-8. So we were unable to plan anything together. We hope to have Nic and Kacy here sometime in late May or early June. Nicole has a new address in Arlington, she is now only a few minutes from her where she teaches. Address is Nicole Swisher; 1606 Nandina; Arlington, TX 76014. Well that is it for the Bowes for now will catch you later. -Debby

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