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Welcome to the Kampschmidt Family Site! I am your host and my name is Matthew. This site will contain photos and news about the Kampschmidt family and many of it’s branches. Please check back often over the next few weeks for photo albums of the Kampschmidt family, Chloe and Haley Kampschmidt, various weddings, and more! If you have photos that you feel should be on the website then please email me at photorequest [at] kampschmidt [dot] net. If you are a member of the family or any of its branch’s, and you would like an email account at kampschmidt.net, please email me at emailrequest [at] kampschmidt [dot] net. If you are a web-saavy member of one of those branches, such as the Missouri Kampschmidt’s, the Kolb’s, the Bushaw’s, the Jones’, the Bowe’s, or any other, and wish to create a seperate page for your branch’s family, please contact me at branchrequest [at] kampschmidt [dot] net and I can set you up in business with an address similar to branch.kampschmidt.net.

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  1. Hope to find more family

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